What does MOLT Electronics do?

MOLT Electronics sells electronic components to manufactures (OEM’s and CM’s) and distributors both domestically and internationally. We pride ourselves on helping our customers meet their required delivery dates with quality electronic components. We also purchase and consign excess inventory.

What products does MOLT Electronics sell?

Integrated circuits, semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, connectors, switches, wire and cable, and much more!

Who are your customers?

We sell to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), CM’s (Contact Manufacturers), and distributors all around the world. All of our customers have different requirements and needs. That is why it is important for us to understand each customer’s specific needs. Some customer’s want us to supply every part, while others may only want us to source a part they are having trouble locating or receiving from their primary source. Certain customers have far stricter requirements, like date code restrictions, traceability, ect… Others do not for a variety of reasons. Please let your sales rep. know of any of these requirements at the time of quote so that we can service you properly.

Who does MOLT Electronics buy from?

MOLT Electronics buys directly from manufactures, authorized distributors, independent distributors, and also excess stock from OEM’s and CM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer). We have sources both domestic and international.

Do you buy parts from China?

Yes. Although the vast majority of our parts are bought from companies in the USA, we do buy parts all over the world. The fact is that many, if not most, of the largest electronic companies do business in Asia and in our industry of specializing in hard to find items, it is tough to ignore any part of the globe. While China has a reputation for counterfeit and substandard parts, there are also plenty of reputable companies. MOLT has a limited number of Asian distributors we have approved to help us navigate this region with quality and success.

What are your terms and conditions?

MOLT Electronics provides 30 days form/fit/function. MOLT Electronics assumes no liability above and beyond the cost of the parts under ANY circumstance. MOLT Electronics has the option to replace the parts or provide a refund at our discretion.

Are all your parts traceable to the manufacture?

No, if you require parts to be traceable to the manufacture, this must be put in writing PRIOR to the order. When we buy surplus stock, it usually is not traceable to the manufacturer. If you let us know ahead of time, we can limit our sources to either the manufacturer or one of their authorized sources. We have some customers using parts that have been obsolete for decade(s) and other customers with strict date code requirements. It is important that you let us know anytime you have specific requirements at the time of quoting.

Why buy from an independent distributor?

The ideal situation is to buy directly from the manufacturer or from an authorized distributor. The reality is that whether it’s a delivery issue, pricing issue, obsolete parts, or complete bill of materials need, independent distributors are a vital part of the supply chain.

Why buy from MOLT Electronics?

Our staff has decades of experience in this market selling quality components at a competitive price. Our fast response time, honesty, integrity, and knowledge set us apart from the competition. Our knowledge and integrity allows us to openly communicate with buyers what we see in the market and what their options are.

Can you test the parts?

We can send to a test lab for a fee if it is required. We do not have testing capabilities in house. If this is needed, please speak to your sales rep. prior to the order for more information.

How do you avoid substandard/counterfeit parts?

Our vast experience in independent distribution has allowed us to network with suppliers with a track record of supplying quality parts. We also inspect every part once it arrives at our facility. While it is impossible to eliminate all risk, our track record is over 99.9%. The fact that many of our first customers in 2006 are still good customers of ours today, which speaks to this. The owner/operator has customers that he has been dealing with since 1995, when starting in this industry for another company. We are extremely grateful for these customers and their loyalty and support!

Can you help us with our excess inventory?

Yes, we both purchase and consign excess inventory. Please talk to your sales rep. about any excess inventory questions.

Can you schedule out deliveries?

Yes, in most cases we will schedule out orders up to one year.

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